Together to bring hyperconvergence solutions to Italian companies.

Sangfor and Gamma Studio have entered into a partnership to promote the diffusion of hyperconvergence solutions on the Italian market, also to SMEs, until now only marginally affected by this type of technology.

Hyperconvergence is an IT infrastructure that combines all the elements of storage, networking, networking and data processing together into a single, cost-effective and easy-to-manage system - features that are well suited to businesses of all sizes.

Sangfor is a Software Defined solution that meets the needs of high performance and flexible operating methods typical of SMEs, the solution guarantees excellent performance and its high scalability, replaces the traditional infrastructures present in the company by consolidating on a single level, server, storage, virtual networking, native hypervisor and backup.

Thanks to a single management console, intuitive and developed in a User Experience logic, the solution allows to have a low impact of resources, while guaranteeing extreme ease in the management of the IT infrastructure, which translates into maintenance costs contents.

The continuous attention that Gamma Studio places in the search for innovative technologies, necessary to maintain the high level of service that has always characterized it, has led the company to sign the partnership with Sangfor, a company that, founded in 2000 and grown with double and triple digits, it now reaches a turnover of around 800 million euros, allocating 20% ​​of it to R&D, with 50% of its staff employed in competence centers located all over the world, including Silicon Valley.

As Alessandro Inzaghi, CEO of Gamma Studio states: "the partnership signed with Sangfor represents another important step in the consolidation of commercial relationships under the sign of innovation and technological solidity, which we make available to our customers every day."