We can serve as the operational interface for the development of End2End data-based analysis projects, thanks to our in-depth expertise in the fields of IoT, Big Data & Analytics, Data Discovery, Data Mining & Machine Learning, and Data Visualization.

We develop Data Warehousing projects based on corporate information and data, to support processes and analyses that use effective, innovative dashboards. We manage the entire life cycle of data, from their creation/acquisition to their saving/moderation.

Data pipeline.

We have implemented a management methodology known as Data Pipeline, which enables us to handle numerous types of End2End analysis projects – both functional and architectural – in a scalable way, with every step representing a specific feature of the project, which is analyzed and managed by evaluating the impact across the entire pipeline.

The use of this methodology, right from the earliest phase of analysis, allows us to be entirely unbiased in terms of the technology choices to be made; as such, any choices that are made can then be changed during the process as and when required, with a view to ensuring project scalability and the optimization of resources.

Data masking

Knowledge and use of data sources.
Management of data collected from the physical world (sensors, hard-copy archives, etc.) and from flows of dematerialized information (logs, databases, etc.).

Management of various types of streamed/real-time data flows, with a focus on security.

Management of the uniformization operations and cleaning of the compiled data.

Design and development of the architecture, storage policies and management of the databases.

Data analysis using statistical and machine-learning techniques. Extraction and association of the processed information.

Multi-level visualization for the different stakeholders involved. Construction of reports and dashboards for the clear and rapid understanding of the processed information.

Data Masking

In accordance with European Union legislation on the protection of personal data, all of our projects are developed using Privacy by Design methodologies and, where necessary, deploying data-masking tools that make the most of our experience in managing specific data-masking projects.