Progetti di innovazione

We develop solutions that leverage the Digital Transformation and
make the most of Industry 4.0, to put your business on the cutting edge.

Progetti di innovazione

An Innovation Manager for technology transformation and acceleration.

Our MISE-certified Innovation Consultants guide you on the search for Digital Transformation solutions and for incentives designed to benefit SMEs and business networks across the country.

Transition 4.0

We work with you on developing research and innovation 4.0 projects

For almost 20 years now, we have had access to all of the expertise, technology and solutions required to steer your business along the path of digital transformation.

Tax breaks and incentives

Digitization, innovation and distributed learning.

Take advantage of the “Transition 4.0” 2021 Italian tax credit scheme to invest in Research, Innovation and Design.

Big Data Smart Factory IoT Cybersecurity Cloud

Find out if your business can access the tax breaks in Italy

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