Climb IT to the Cloud

GammaCloud, your Hybrid Private Cloud.

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The hybrid-ready GammaCloud platform makes it possible to create architecture that is scaled to meet your requirements, minimizing the organizational impact and offering operating costs that can be monitored at all times.

Virtual server

Custom configuration.

A tailored configuration solution, encompassing:
- server (Virtual Machine) with associated resources
- storage volumes
- virtualized network infrastructure
- connectivity for various levels of throughput

Virtual Private Data Center

Higher level of customization.

– More flexible management of virtualized resources
– Self-managed networking and security logic devices
- Self-service management and monitoring portal
– Backup of virtual machines and data
– Advanced SDN tools


Guarantee of total continuity of your IT services.

Thanks to the full or partial cloning of your infrastructure, we can guarantee the total continuity of your IT services.
- Minimal downtime
- Live Testing
- Redundant storage and network
- Snapshot of the machines

High scalability

High level of flexibility in the management of the IT architecture.


Easy to use,
thanks to intuitive commands.


Services guaranteed by the Enterprise infrastructure and by the Tier 4 Aruba Data Center.


DR Embedded

All of the systems are Disaster Recovery Out Of The Box-enabled.

Attractively priced

With the modular monthly fee, the costs are fixed and easy to monitor.

Always by your side

Multi-lingual specialist support, with various service levels.